Vision Planning

Service Objectives

  • Identify and Utilise resources inside your organization for this task.
  • Identify and Utilise kingdom resources outside your organization for this task
  • Ensure that all current leaders clearly understand the vision
  • That leaders own their own place in accomplishing that vision
  • That there is a congregational track for communicating and owning the vision

This application is formulated to help you understand and develop a strategy for God’s Vision for the ministry. We will strategically meet with select leaders and teams, manage the assessment process (church and community), collaborate the priorities. We’d consult through the process of writing the wording of the vision and goals.

Cost: Starting at $4000 (3-month process)

Addressing the Challenges:

  • Leaders express vastly different views of present and future priority
  • Resistance to look for solutions
  • Leaders feel this is an appropriate time to move on
  • The process takes longer than expected
  • Failure to manage the opposition
  • Failure to manage the enthusiasm