Rob Hayes

Rob is the author and founder of TeamTransformation.

He has been involved in pastoring, teaching, coaching and training globally in a wide variety of environments.

As Rob began to say yes’ to consulting invitations with leaders regarding the pain they saw in their organizations, he started to recognize some of the real dysfunction in team dynamics. It turns out, most teams had much in common. Team failure had more to do with interpersonal challenges than anything else. It was all about team health!

This realization changed the trajectory of his life strategy.

He saw, as these teams developed healthier mindsets around certain core behaviours, a pattern emerged and we developed our system around these patterns. These realities are what have established the core developmental philosophy today. The results are real and they are dramatic.

Rob has been training and facilitating in leadership development in both ministry and corporate environments. He has extensive international experience in coaching ‘executive leadership ‘along with their respective teams and is a big believer in ‘experiential learning’.

Rob’s ‘sweet spot’ is to serve as consultant, trainer, coach in a variety of ministries in several denominations.

Rob’s experience in the global business community has given helpful insights to business and ministry leadership. He has facilitated leadership and team building events from India, Dubai – U.A.E. to Latin America and North America. This expertise is the consolidated result of over 30 years of practice and analysis.

TTS has a core team that continues to develop best assessment, consulting, training, coaching practice, for ministry teams globally.

Erwin Van Laar

Erwin has been leading teams since he was in his late teens and has worked with team transformation practices from the Navigators in his early twenties. While those early years were times spent in the school of hard knocks, he quickly grasped that leadership matters – with or without the title.

Spending the last 30 years in leading development teams, he has coached/mentored in Canada, the Philippines, Mexico and a number of countries in Europe. While most of his work has been involved with the not-for-profit setting, he has also facilitated business leadership best practices.

A seasoned public speaker, Erwin is called upon to motivate and engage teams that need to be encouraged to keep moving forward and choose to work in healthy environments. His challenge comes from personal experience and are relevant to the changing trends of leadership today.

Erwin’s personal philosophy has equipped him with tools that enable the possibilities for teams to grow, mature, change and in fact, transform.

Alan Woodhouse

Alan comes to TTS as an international trainer, consultant and coach, with experience in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Alan has an investment of over 25 years in the business world. As an executive for a multi-national company he was involved in all facets of running and developing large and small businesses. He uses his expertise to help his business clients in a wide variety of areas: training, team building, profiling, consulting, executive and management coaching.

Helping people is a passion for Alan. He has extensive experience working with individuals, families, and groups, helping them to overcome problems, reach goals and achieve what is most important to them. His experience includes working with individuals, families, teams and institutions who are dealing ADD/ADHD and the associated relational problems that accompany it.

He has been a facilitator and the Director for Coaching and Mentoring for the PACT Restorative Justice program for young offenders He focused on helping these individuals make dramatic, positive changes in their lives.

Alan brings his passion for helping people, along with his experience, to TTS. He looks for forward to working with individuals and teams to become more effective and productive in all areas of their lives.