Rob Hayes

Rob is the author and founder of TeamTransformation.

This expertise is the consolidated result of over 30 years of practice and analysis. He has been involved in consulting, coaching and training globally in a wide variety of environments.

As Rob began to say yes’ to consulting invitations with leaders regarding the pain they saw in their organizations, he started to recognize some of the real dysfunction in team dynamics. It turns out, most teams had much in common. Team failure had more to do with interpersonal challenges than anything else. It was all about team health!

The results are real, and they are dramatic.

Rob has been training and facilitating in leadership development in both ‘not for profit’ and corporate environments. He has extensive international experience in coaching ‘executive leadership ‘along with their respective teams and is a big believer in ‘experiential learning’.

Rob’s experience in the global business community has given helpful insights to business and ministry leadership. He has facilitated leadership and team building events from India, Dubai – U.A.E. to Latin America and North America.

TTS has a core team that continues to develop best assessment, consulting, training, coaching practice, for ministry teams globally.

Our Consultants

Each one is hand picked for expertise in a wide variety of verticals. We are constantly growing our consultant and coaching base. All our consultants possess a wisdom that only comes from executive level experience.

Our Coaches

We deploy a trained and gifted coaching staff that will work for longer term for team and individual follow through. This becomes one of our core competencies, in that we don’t just inform’, we stick until there is real measurable change.

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