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Hi, I’m Rob Hayes, the founder/author of the ‘Team Transformation System’.

I have had the pleasure of almost 30 years in ‘not for profit’ & corporate behavioral skills coaching/ training.

About 20 years ago I began to say yes’ to consulting invitations with leaders regarding the challenges teams in their organizations were facing. Clear patterns began to emerge. I began to recognize some of the real solutions were not found in either strategy or structure but in team dynamics.

The realization was life-changing: most of team failure/success had more to do with interpersonal challenges than anything else, and I mean, ‘anything else’. It was all about team health.

As these teams developed healthier mindsets around certain core behaviors, a pattern emerged. I continue to develop our system around these patterns, and It is this that establishes our core developmental philosophy today.

The results were real, and they were dramatic. My life path changed immediately, I began the to invest full-time energy into what I experienced and discovered to be core to the real issue of team performance, these invariably were issues of team interpersonal health.

We continue to develop the best assessment, consulting, training, coaching practice, for teams globally. Today we work with a wide variety of organizations, from simple ‘one level leadership teams to multiple levels of leadership interaction.

One of the significant steps in our development revolved around an invitation to work with a multinational team in India. There we tested and developed the strategy/product to work cross-culturally. This is proving to be essential as we work with the multicultural realities in large metropolitan centers. We are learning to apply these truths to any team, anywhere in the world.

One of our success keys is centered in our ‘coaching’ methodology. “You cannot have a sustainable growth pattern without applied, focused and ongoing coaching’.

That is why we developed our coaching path to accompany our consultation. Our success is a direct result of providing practical and measurable coaching results.

We train and license targeted leadership within the organization, to continue coaching as part of the culture.

Assisting in our coaching arsenal is a self-assessment tool. We have applied this learning alongside of years of team development to offer our own proprietary product.

I’d love to talk to you about how we can impact your team’s trajectory.

Rob Hayes
Team Transformation

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