Core Team Development

Our goal is to engage immediate staff leadership teams in a monthly process that includes Initial assessment, consultation, training, coaching and monthly progress reports. 

Cost: Starting at $8,000 (All costs exclude expenses and Taxes)


A full breakdown of schedule is managed with each team to ensure full participation in skill development. Meeting entire team for 3 half day events (3hrs). Face-to-face coaching sessions with each team member (online, or in person). Consultation with Team Lead (or executive group) subsequent to each event (1 hr ea.). Develop and pattern a ‘peer coaching’ strategy for the team.

Service Objectives

That the team:

  • Understand and function according to the purpose, vision of the team
  • Develop a culture that implements everyone’s strengths in the team
  • Demonstrate Others oriented behavior for everyone on the team
  • Develop the ability to recognise personal weaknesses
  • Observe the team members partnering in the strengthening process
  • Measure and track the differences/ growth on a month to month basis
  • Establish a culture that allows team members to hit targets to their / team vision

Addressing the Challenges:

  • Team members don’t want to work to the goal and vision.
  • The goals don’t fit where a team member feels the team is going
  • Discovery of strongholds where there is a resistance to change
  • The leader doesn’t fit where the team wants to go
  • There is not an agreeable timeline for change
  • There are unexpected tensions/ reconciliation

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