Our Approach

Our assessment, consulting, training, coaching practice is geared to help organizations to overcome team deficiencies. Our goal is to enable the transformation of unhealthy patterns and to normalize healthy patterns.

1 – Assess

Use our proprietary assessment to identify ‘team dynamic’ strengths and challenges.

2 – Change Process

Embed our “change process” to develop personal and team ‘self-coaching’ skills for health.

3 – Coaching

Coach your team to peer coach in the four that most impact personal and team function:

  • Produce “doers” – team action oriented to effectively get the right stuff
  • Produce “others oriented” culture – strengthen your practice in
    empowering one another
  • Produce “strength based” fruit – apply your strengths 100% of the time for
    real fruit
  • Produce sustainable growth habits’ -learn how to shed destructive

4 – Application

We are able to apply this process to the following:

  • Executive boards who ultimately guide the culture of the organization
  • Management groups who are responsible to guide team performance
  • Frontline Teams who are delivering success on a day to day basis
  • Performance Coaching for individual team leads

What does a transformed team look like?

  • A culture that reproduces top performers in leadership and teams.
  • The deepening of leadership skills for real team outcomes.
  • Teams that are constantly focused on your primary goals.
  • Delivering your ‘one of a kind’ team advantages through unique skill sets.
  • Sustained success through self-management and team accountability.
  • A mindset that supports and provides excellence.

What does a partnership look like?

Step 1 – Consultation & Evaluation for your best next steps
Step 2 – Set up a process and price point
Step 3 – Obtain approvals
Step 4 – We set a schedule for completion
Step 5 – We deliver midterm and end term evaluation