We are an assessment, consulting, and coaching practice.

Because : the degree to which a team functions well together, transforms productivity
like nothing else.

Our Approach

Our Process

Helping organizations overcome team deficiencies to achieve their goals.



Diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses of your team dynamics.



Guiding you as you seek to improve the health of your team.


Hands-on coaching to guide you as you grow your team.


Walking through on-going short-term and long-term goals to grow your team.


“This really changed the trajectory of the core team. Our leadership grew in their maturity and their personal fruitfulness. The process was a lot of fun and totally interactive. We are looking forward to the next level of training with Team Transformation with an expanded group of potential leaders.”

JD. Start Up (Team Fundamentals)

“Rob came in and immediately evaluated the core Mission Critical, issues. We were enabled to manage the emotions and set up communication strategy. We are now able to make decisions together and looking forward to reaching the Vision for our group. In this relatively short time, the church is moving in a measurable process to health. We are asking Rob to extend his contract with us!”

LL. Board Chair (Leadership Crisis)

“Our board asked Rob to come in and evaluate our company’s core leadership. After 2 full days, interviewing and in-depth conversations, we held a life-impacting team discussion with an overview of strengths we possess and challenge we are facing. We are going to have him back!”

– DG. Business Leader (Core Team Evaluation)

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